Reopening Guidance English Language Training in the UK

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English UK have kindly agreed to allow British Destinations members access their guidance note for the reopening of English Language Training (ELT), training establishments and student accommodation including student hosting with in the UK. English Language Training is overseen by DIT in Westminster, embraces DfT and educational requirement and involves both travel and accommodation the remit of DfT the Home Office and DCMS amongst others. The Home Nations maintain control of some elements of this, consequential ELT is one of the more complex of areas included within the “tourism” umbrella. A paper detailing the scale of ELT and the potential losses faced can be found in our covid-19 research page (currently 7th item):

To protect English UK IP rights I have agreed to password protect the access page, if you or your computer has forgotten the password for our corporate site email me Members are free to use the guidance and distribute it to their partners, although you are asked to refer non English UK member ELT establishments to request access a free copy from English UK directly (a recruitment lead). Both the document and the rider detail can be found at:


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