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Two very useful piece of research published this week, both now available on our C-19 research tab on

The first from Hotel Solutions is the 6th update of their series of Survival to recovery reports. This is markedly more optimistic than the second report from PwC but understandably so, since it is looking at a much wider base, is written retrospectively and largely predates the very recent impacts of new factors like tiering in England and lockdown in Wales.

The PwC report by its nature appears to focus more on larger major national and international chains and, thus, to a degree leans towards Cities, particularly impacted by the catastrophic loss of international and business tourism (not exclusively a major City issue). PwC are not predicting a return to 2019 levels before 2023 and that assumes an effective vaccine becoming available in 2021. This broadly aligns with the view expressed in our discussions among senior destination manager and their thoughts on the prospects for full recover within tourism and the visitor economy in general.

Although different in tone, they are not at all contradictory as they are addressing different issues, over different timeframes a cross, in part, different constituent parts of the hotel and accommodation industry. It is well worth reading both in full (neither is long). Find them at the top of the list of research by date order at:


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