4 Dec 20 Covid-19 update

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The latest edition, version 7, of “survival to recovery” from Hotels Solutions brings together the finding of recent reports and research documents on the hotels and accommodation sector, looks back at trends and forward at future prospects for the hotels and accommodation sector. It also looks in some detail at recent investment, new developments, closures, acquisitions and rebranding. A copy has been added to our C-19 research library at http://www.britishdestinations.net or go direct to the page containing it at: https://britishdestinations.net/c19-research/

Andrew Keeling’s report is an excellent higher level summary of the issues for the accommodation sector in the UK. As such it is also a good and timely briefing document that can help inform part of our discussions next week on the many issues facing destinations and destination management now, into the first quarter of 2021 and beyond that into the 2021 main holiday season. If you have missed the diary details and link for the destination managers meeting 1400 – 1600 Wednesday 16 December and would like to join colleagues from other major destinations email me at: peter.hampson@btconnect.com . I am also happy to consider request as guest attendees from a few non-member “friends of the association”.

It has been yet another hectic week with a number of significant announcements and events, some of which either individually or combined have posed nearly as many questions as they have answered. This I think by now we would all accept is largely due to the complex nature of the beast. Notwithstanding, the looming opportunity to discuss immediate issues next week, please do email or call me with any and all issues or anomalies effecting you or your business partners as a consequence of new or amended rules, regulation and/or the business support mechanisms. A number of new issues have been raised with me this week, particularly around Tier 2 restrictions in England and the Christmas bubble arrangements for the four nations. If you raise something and isn’t already on the appropriate departmental radar, I will ensure that action is taken to try and get it there.

I look forward to seeing and speaking to a good number of you next week.


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