Links to important UK Government consultation and new research added

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Two items to draw to your attention:

1. BEIS have launched a consultation on new post BREXIT Government subsidy controls, closing on 31 March. While I am sure it will get a lot of responses, particularly from Local Authorities, I am less certain that tourism will feature as strongly as it could or should. For example, there is a golden opportunity to get the visitor economy and tourism recognised within sector specific provisions and to get the more economically deprived areas, that are often highly tourism dependent, mapped and specifically identified within the future UK subsidy control measures. A brief summary and link to the consultation can be found in the open consultation dropdown menu from the “Consultations” tab on, or go direct to this page at:

2. I have added the February BVA BDRC ClearSights on recovery report to the “C19 Research” main menu tab, or again go direct to the page at:

I would be grateful if you would consider raising the consultations existence and the perceived opportunities around highlighting the visitor economy and tourism in any local responses with those most likely to be tasked with responding locally.


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