Joint DMO proposal Aug 2020

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I have been agonising over whether or not to alert colleagues in England to a paper published last year.

When published and seen in the context of it being a plea for urgent funding support there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Seen 5 months later in the context of an on going review of DMOs and in the light of information that suggests not all destination and destination management partners who, with the benefit of hindsight might or should have been informed, if not consulted, it could well be seen potentially in a different light.

There is no indication that all 20 of the original DMOs wish to pursue the proposal into the current DMO review and frankly nothing wrong with it if the do. The problem is the inference from August 2020 paper that this has broad support from the 90 % of other successful DMOs that could and would in all likelihood be negatively effected by it.

If you are already aware of an outline proposal to form and a support a network of 20 existing DMOs in England and content with it then that is reassuring. If not you may wish to visit and read more at:


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