Review of Destination Organisations in England

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This morning DCMS published the independent review of destination organisations in England conducted by Nick de Bois. It is a robust report that makes 12 recommendations, some aimed at Central Government, some at destination organisations and some at Local Government and LEPS.

At this early stage I can’t recommendation any easy short cuts to digesting this 80 odd page report. The forward and recommendations are a must but not to read the report in full, or only to scan it would be to miss some hugely important points and could easily lead to misinterpretation about the intent and what the summary recommendations actually means or critically the rational behind them.

If the report is accepted by DCMS Minister and goes forward (or has already gone forward?) for funding under the DCMS comprehensive spending review submission there are several hurdles yet to overcome, most notably Treasury acceptance and funding. Thereafter the devil will be in the detailed implementation which will require active and enthusiastic engagement from all English destination organisations of all types and sizes and if my understanding is correct, a good deal of cooperation and compromises from all parties involved and resigned acceptance from those few inevitably excluded.

The DCMS report can be found under the National Strategies and Policies + tab of British or go direct to the page at:


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