Industry VAT Survey report, Job vacancy, group travel and more.

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1. The tourism industry survey on the impact of current VAT reductions and incremental increases back to 20% as now been published. Useful information to support any lobbying you may be conducting It should also be of interest to your own members and help demonstrate your efforts on their behalf through British Destinations and our membership of the Tourism Alliance. Find the short report via the “C-19 research” menu tab of or go direct to the page containing this report and many more on matters pandemic related at:

2. There is vacancy for a performing arts programmer based at Southport’s Atkinson offered at c£30.5 to £33.7 applications closing 8 Nov 21. Theatre and the performing arts have been hit hard during the last 18 plus months and this may well be the ideal post for someone currently in, out or returning to employment in this field. If its not for you, please consider circulating to appropriate colleagues. Find the details under “job vacancies +” menu tab or go direct to the page at:

3. RHA (Road Haulage Association) has expand its activities during the pandemic to include coaching. RHA have some 60 members in the coach leisure and general coach market and are happy to communicate information about new group travel developments, attractions and offers to them. Please send any specific details (rather than general travel trade circulars) to: Andrew Warrender

4. And finally, please don’t forget to book into the joint Tourism Alliance, Tourism Society and British Destinations one day London conference followed by the Annual Industry Parliamentary reception on 15 November 2021. The event offers an excellent programme, a much needed opportunity to reengage with colleagues from a wide range of tourism interests and also to do your bit to help raise our industry’s profile again within Westminster. More under the conference 2021 menu tab or go direct to the page at:


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