Destination Managers Meeting 1.30 – 15.00 Friday 21 Jan 22

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I have sent out sent out outlook invitation for the next destination management/managers meeting for members and selected strategic partners, along with an outline agenda for our next meeting pm Friday 21 Jan 22. If you have not seen it or have been missed of the list of attendees, my sincere apologies. Email me and I will forward the detail. All members are welcome.

Main agenda items:

A quick update on covid-19, and the overlapping political and the increasingly the wider economic factors that are influencing tourism and leisure’s current prospects and future fortunes. It is an unusually heady mix making the prediction of the likely course of events more difficult than at any other time before or during the pandemic. A seamlessly smooth passage to, or towards a recovery in tourism both domestic and international, is still not a given.

Sharing detail of the “plan B” impacts on key festive period now, going forward to and into main summer season. (All).

Update on and discussion on the stance to be taken on three upcoming consultations/events:

  1. Greta British Rail strategic plan consultation, proposed tourism response, and is there a need to encourage others tourism interests to engage?
  2. English DMO review, where might it be heading and what is our joint internal to tourism and/or public stance on the potential scenarios that are emerging?
  3. Statutory registration, its application in Scotland, ongoing consultation in Wales and forthcoming consultation in England. Do we go with the flow or take a more questioning, robust stance during the DCMS consultation?

Update on internal our internal reorganisation and take initial views on future governance, meeting style and format etc. ahead of the production of a report and recommendation to the membership. A return to formal committees, face to face or remote meetings, President, Vice Presidents, Fellowships and so on.

Any issues notified in advance by members.


Next meeting date time and style.


Please do share your thoughts and comments

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