Environment Agency CEO sets out a new vision for future environmental regulation.

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Sir James Bevan’s speech, How to regulate better after Brexit: Think differently, speak softly and carry a bigger stick, given to the Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum conference on future environmental standards may be of interest to anyone with open water used as a leisure asset, whether coastal or inland. It also speaks to environmental protection in general.

It may also give food for thought on regulation of all kinds and the need to balance the carrot of light touch regulation for those who demonstrate good intent, with a big stick capable of inflicting sufficient pain to act as a genuine deterrent for those don’t. Sir James’ gives clear indication that, in terms of environment protection at least, the Government’s presumption that everyone has good intent has been widely abused and disproved. That presumption may also need be challenged elsewhere and now widely applied light touch regulation rebalanced with the genuine deterrence of bigger penalties for deliberate abuse, more effectively enforced.

The text of the speech can be accessed via the latest UK Beach Management Forum blog at: https://ukbeachmanagementforum.wordpress.com/2022/01/19/how-to-regulate-better-after-brexit-think-differently-speak-softly-and-carry-a-bigger-stick/


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