Annual conference 15 Nov 22 detail and new research on prospects for 2023 published.

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I am delighted to be able to confirm the final detail for this year’s rescheduled joint British Destinations, Tourism Alliance and Tourism Society annual conference 9.30 for 10am to 4 pm, Tuesday 15 November and announce that the event is now open for bookings.

The conference detail, programme and booking link can be accessed under the ” Annual conference 2022″ menu tab of, or go to the page direct at:

I have also added some important and timely new research courtesy of ALVA to our research and statistic library. The report for ALVA by Scattered Clouds looks at the prospects for 2023. None of the detail should come as too much of a surprise to British Destination members, as it is very much in line with that we have been saying, sharing and predicting throughout much of this year. However, it is an excellent, detailed, consolidated and well-articulated report which, critically, properly evidences each major area of concern.

The report doesn’t set out to make any specific forecasts but rather to give insight and present the evidenced detail, needed by individual ALVA members and, by default, destinations and other businesses to make better informed decisions and plans for the coming 2023 season. As such it is a first-rate planning tool.

There is a full pdf version of the report for those needing to understand some or all of the detail and a useful summary slide deck that gives the essential overview. Both can be found within the “Research & statistics – by year” menu tab and/or as a separate item under the adjacent “+” tab of, or go direct to the main library page at:


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