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In yesterday’s update I said that Nick De Bois was presenting on the DMO review at our joint Tourism Alliance, Tourism Society and British Destinations conference on the 15th November. I had forgotten that in the process of postponement and rescheduling that Nick was no longer available to present on the 15th but that Drew Stokes VE’s England Director had kindly agreed to present in his place.

Given the timing of the event, this is on reflection perhaps particularly advantageous. Drew as the head of the VE’s executive and responsible for it s operational delivery is exceptionally well placed to brief the conference and answer questions on the emerging modeling, development plans and criteria for the DMO/ LVEP pilot scheme that is soon to be trialled for c two years in one competitively selected area in England. Apologies to Nick, Drew and to you all for any confusion unintentionally caused by my error. Less haste more speed.


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