Short-term let registration consultation in England, Tourism Alliance response paper and webinar 10 May 23.

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A Tourism Alliance working group made up of a number of trade associations and other interested parties, including British Destinations, has produced an initial policy response paper to the DCMS consultation on the registration of short-term lets in England. The paper will form the basis for the Alliance’s response and may help inform the views and responses of others including our own. That paper will be available for circulation shortly.

Meanwhile a Tourism Alliance Webinar has been arranged for 10 to 11 am Wednesday 10 May to brief as many Tourism Alliance members and their member’s members, on the stance adopted by the Alliance and by inference being recommended for consideration by others. The Webinar will include opportunities for Q &A.

I would encourage as many British Destination members as possible take part in the Webinar in order to inform your own thinking and views and to allow you to consider whether to promote the position paper locally among your own members, stakeholders and leading businesses.

You need to register in advance for the free event at: Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams

The Tourism Alliance paper relates to the DCMS registration consultation only and not to the separate but related DLUC consultation on proposed changes to short-term let planning classes. Further work is being undertaken on the potential responses to the latter, which is somewhat more complex and therefore potentially more contentious, particularly when debated across what is a broad tourism church. Both consultations close on 7 June. More detail on both can be found at:


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