Entrepreneurship in coastal destinations

Wanted: entrepreneurs helping to regenerate seaside resorts

The think tank, the Centre for Entrepreneurs, is working on a landmark book, to be published this summer, that will explore the role that entrepreneurs play in reinventing coastal resort towns. They feel that too little is known about the level of entrepreneurial activity and growth potential across such towns.

British Destinations are happy to help support this project so, if members know of individual entrepreneurs whose personal and business stories illustrate what can be done to help with the ongoing regeneration of seaside towns, then we’d encourage you to get in touch with the book’s author, the award-winning business journalist Matthew Rock on matthewjrock@gmail.com or by mobile on 07957 610175.

As well as focusing on individual entrepreneurs, the book will also release new data and research about the economic performance and potential of English seaside resort towns. For details of the Centre for Entrepreneurs, visit http://www.centreforentrepreneurs.org/



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    […] Entrepreneurship in coastal destinations […]

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