FAIRBOOKING UK Campaign Brief May 2015.

FAIRBOOKING UK – A revolution in ethical bookings

The campaign to encourage ‘direct bookings’ with accommodation providers and via official destination organisations is gathering momentum.

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) play an important role in marketing but encouraging visitors to book direct, making savings on the high commissions charged, has to be preferable. Doing so allows more revenue to be retained in the local economy and therefore underpins the sustainable tourism principles that we all strive to achieve.

FairBooking UK was ‘soft’ launched last year in partnership with Cumbria, New Forest and Cornwall. We’ve taken time to iron-out the teething problems and are now at stage where we can confidently roll out the campaign to all businesses and destinations.

Within a destination the campaign works by encouraging consumers to book directly with an accommodation business or through a FairBooking destination website.

FairBooking is a ‘from the ground up’ or organic campaign. Businesses play a vital role and are encouraged to promote the FairBooking message in their properties, website and social media building on their current good practice. Participating Destinations promote the campaign through their existing channels and nationally to build awareness and to educate consumers. Fairbookinguk.com gives businesses a low cost national platform to market the ‘direct booking’ message under the FairBookingUK umbrella supported by the credibility of our destinations and our collaborative efforts.

As well as Cumbria, New Forest and Cornwall, now businesses across Wales are currently signing up to FairBooking UK through their DMOs which will allow the national website to have much more content and momentum.

FairBooking UK is a not for profit campaign aimed to

  • Raise consumer awareness of the benefits of booking direct
  • Raise consumer awareness of destinations and DMOs thus helping sustainability
  • Raise consumer awareness of responsible tourism practices
  • Encourage ethical consumerism
  • Encourage direct bookings
  • Support local good causes

In addition, FairBooking UK has a strong ethical USP, with all direct bookings required to make small donation to a ‘visitor experience’ charity, such as conservation bodies or rescue services.

Businesses are keen to get involved and FairBooking UK will soon be accepting individual businesses onto the national website.

We are strongly encouraging DMOs to support their businesses by joining the campaign at a destination level. There are various ways to be involved and we are more than happy to talk you through the options. We also understand the resource and financial pressures that destinations are under in the current climate so we have set up a helpdesk to support both individual businesses and DMOs to help you get the most out of FairBooking.

Any monies raised will be reinvested into fairbookinguk.com, on-line marketing and publicity. We encourage destinations and businesses to really get behind the campaign making use of all our very effective social media channels to really build and raise the profile – France are way ahead of the UK, we need to catch up and start collaborating on the important case for ‘direct booking’ and getting some of these commissions back to our destinations and businesses.

FairBooking is a win, win, win! for the visitor, destination and local communities.

Find out how you can get involved today by contacting the FairBooking UK team at : http://fairbookinguk.com/aboutfairbooking.aspx .



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