British Destinations Activities to March 2019


April 2018 to April 2019

PH = Peter Hampson, PL = Peter Lane (Executive Chair) AC = Alan Cavill (Executive Vice Chair) GC = Cllr Graham Cain (Chairman British Destinations to 5 Oct) IJ = Cllr Iris Johnston (Deputy Chair British Destinations to Oct 15 now Chairman) David Jeffels (Deputy Chair from 5 Oct 15 to 20 June 16) GM = Gordon Marsden MP (President) Sergi Jarques (SJ)

March 2019

8th           Package Travel Directive linked travel arrangements submission (PH)

12th          Marketing Southport Board Meeting (PH)

28th         Turning Tides Meeting Blackpool (PH)

February 2019

14th         Annual destination intelligence survey results published. (SJ)

January 2019

14th         Submission on Business Rates treatment of self-catering accommodation (PH)

15th          Marketing Southport Board Meeting (PH)

31th         Tourism Alliance Board Meeting (PH)

Planning meeting joint Annual Conference (PH)

Lobbying issues discussions Director Tourism Alliance (PH)

December 2018

6th           Final contributions to Tourism Alliance Statutory Registration paper (PH)

November 2018

8th           Contribution to Guidance documents “do you have paying guests”? (PH)

9th           Safe Clean and Legal discussion with Quality in Tourism (PH)

21sh        Tourism Alliance Board Meeting (PH)

22nd        Tourism Alliance research briefing session (various member representatives)

23th         Turning Tides Meeting (PH)

28th         VisitEngland Destination Forum (PH and member representatives)

October 2018

9th          Coastal Town and Communities Regeneration Inquiry response submitted (PH)

September 2018

11th         Fisheries White Paper Consultation response submitted (PH)

25th         VisitEngland Coastal Tourism Workshop (PH)

26th         Tourism Alliance Board Meeting (PH)

August 2018

13th – 20th Tourism Alliance Tourism Tax Working Group (PH)

13th – 20th Tourism Alliance Statutory Registration Working Group (PH)

July 2018

19th           Package Travel insurance bonding discussions (PH)

23th           Tourism Alliance AGM (PH)

Strategic issues discussions with Board members (PH)

24th           Visit Southport Board Meeting (PH)

June 2018

15th           Meeting with Shadow Tourism Minister (PH)

26th           Tourism Alliance Board Meeting (PH)

29th           Visit Southport Board Meeting (PH)

May 2018

9th             Tourism Alliance Board Meeting (PH)

Tourism Alliance Policy Brief (PH)

Annual Conference and strategy issues discussion with Kurt Janson (PH)

15th            Visit Southport Board Meeting (PH)

April 2018

4th             VisitBritain British Tourism Advisory Group Meeting (PH)

10th           Visit Southport Board Meeting (PH)

13th           Turning Tides Meeting (PH)