C19 research

This is a temporary page collecting together Covid-19 related research and associated paper in date order.  Hopefully a short lived addition to our main research library.

Latest updates from VB/VE usually updated daily and covering all matter relating to tourism and covid-19 can be accessed here . VisitScotland research here and UNWTO international research here.

Copies of any additional reports, surveys and paper would be welcomed.

BVA-BDRC Covid Weekly report: 27 May 20 BVA-BDRC-Covid-19-Week 9 Report

ALVA Attractions Recovery Tracker wave 2:    21 May 20 ALVA Attractions Recovery Tracker – Wave 2 (13-19 May) – 220520-2

BVA-BDRC Covid Weekly report;  21 May 20 BVA-BDRC-Covid-19-Week8_Report_Final-18052020         Sign up to get these sent  weekly at: https://www.bva-bdrc.com/products/tracking-consumer-sentiment-on-the-impact-of-covid-19/

Great Yarmouth Economic and employment assessment report:    18 May 20 Great Yarmouth Covid-19 Economic and Employment Assessment Report

Great Yarmouth week 8 survey: 18 May 20 Week 8 Covid-19 – Greater Yarmouth Tourism Business Survey – 7th May 18th May 20 Report

Younger workers in the coronavirus crisis:  18 May 20 Resolution Foundation Young workers in the coronavirus crisis

UKHospitality draft for comment: DRAFT consolidated Hospitality COVID19-Secure advice consultation 15 May 20

Silver Travel Advisor (60 to 80 years) survey: May 20 Coronavirus-survey-findings-May-2020

Next phase of the Job Retention Scheme: 12 May 20 Resulution Foundation Getting Britain working safely again

Visit East of England business survey: May 20 Visit East of England Covid-19 Business Survey

Society letter To Chair DCMS Select Committee re English tourism support structures;  13 May 20 TS paper on structures Vs1.3

McKinsey report The way back (for tourism) what the world can learn from China: May 20: https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/travel-transport-and-logistics/our-insights/the-way-back-what-the-world-can-learn-from-chinas-travel-restart-after-covid-19#

Accommodation sector recovery:  14 May 20 From Survival to Recovery (002) Hotels and Visitor Accommodation Industry

VB/VE proposals to Government: May 20 – VB-VE Proposal to Government – Helping the tourism industry recover (Final)

Great Yarmouth week 7 survey: 6 May 20 Week 7 Covid-19 – Greater Yarmouth Tourism Business Survey – 1st May 6th May 20 Report

QiT Industry risk assessment matrix: 2 May 20 QT Tourism Industry Risk Assessments Matrix

Wiltshire business Survey: 1 May 20 Wiltshire Tourism Business Survey 280420

Great Yarmouth week 6 survey:  30 April 20 Week 6 Covid-19 – Greater Yarmouth Tourism Business Survey – 24th April – 30th Apr 20 Report

Centre for Towns report: 23 April 20 The effect of COVID_19 pandemic on Towns and Cities

KM Media Hospitality in Lockdown: 22 April 20 https://kam-media.co.uk/hospitality-in-lockdown/ 

VE domestic tracker wave 2 report:  April 20 Domestic COVID-19 Tracker Results – Wave 2April 20 Domestic COVID-19 Tracker Results – Wave 2

Industry letter re businesses under threat: 29 April Businesses under threat – euk-joint tourism press release FINAL

Hotel sector re-opening critical path presentation:  April 20 – Hotels – Re-Opening Critical Path Presentation

Welsh Government research summary:  April 20 Welsh Government VisitWales – Covid tourism research summary Apr 20

Visit Scotland convid-19 reseach/survey reports page here .

Great Yarmouth week 4 survey:  16 April 20 Week 4 Covid-19 – Greater Yarmouth Tourism Business Survey – 10th April – 16th Apr 20 Report

Impact report Business and Events Industry:  April 20 COVID-19 Business Events Industry Briefing

Hotel industry draft infectious disease control measures: April 20 Draft InfectionControl-hotel-sector

Great Yarmouth week 3 survey: 9 April 20 Week 3 Covid-19 – Greater Yarmouth Business Survey – 3rd April – 9th Apr 20 Report

Great Yarmouth week 2 survey report: 2 April 20 Great Yarmouth Covid-19 Report week 2

Great Yarmouth week 1 survey report: 26 March 20 Covid-19 – Greater Yarmouth Business Survey – 26 March Report