Carbon offsetting in transport, closed 26 Sept 19.

This consultation seeks to gather evidence on the use of  carbon offset in both ticketed and non-ticketed transport across all modes of transport.

Although only 18 pages in length it isn’t a particularly quick read.  There are no simple shortcuts other than to suggest that the main points on ticketed and non-ticketed transport are contained on pages 16 and 17, although not necessarily with the all important context attached, which you will find spread across much of the rest of the document.

Should destination managers be interested at this relatively abstract stage?  Given that this is essentially about influencing travel choice, including travel for the purposes of leisure and tourism by all transport modes, via the means of a proposed voluntary additional charge, then this is an issue that should at least be on everyone’s radar.  For those who have a degree of reliance on ticketed air, sea or rail travel (where this is likely to bite first) then it is more pressing, despite it being at the early evidence gathering stages.

Any comments you might have that would help inform a potential British Destinations response and/or our contribution to the Tourism Alliance response, would be welcomed.  The call for evidence closed on 26 September 2019.

2019 DfT call-for-evidence-carbon-offsetting