HMRC The role of online platforms in ensuring tax compliance by their users closed 8 June 2018

HMRC are seeking evidence on how platform providers within the online, gig and sharing economies might best assist their users (product suppliers) to comply with tax requirements.  The consultation closed on 8 June 2018.  The paper seeks answers to 14 questions:

2018 HMRC The role of online platforms in ensuring tax compliance by their users

It is an early stage consultation but indicative of an apparent growing awareness within Westminster Government that an entirely free market approach to new disruptive technology developments isn’t necessarily always a good thing or an entirely sustainable policy approach. Similarly policy stance on social media are starting to harden.

We are taking the opportunity to comment on the specific questions asked in a composed manner via the Tourism Alliance’s narrative response:

2018 HMRC online platforms and taxation Tourism Alliance submission

and in a more outspoken manner, focusing in on the sharing accommodation sector and a much broader list of issues that go well beyond the HMRC’s immediate concerns in our own narrative response.  By raising these subsidiary issue with HMRC we are aiming to maintain our ongoing lobbying efforts in respect of sharing accommodation sector and a our concerns regarding the mainly unintended impacts on destination based tourism and established businesses within them:

2018 HMRC Sharing Economy Consultation – British Destinations 8 June