Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangement Regulation 2018, 6 month review closed 8 March 2019

BEIS are conducting an initial 6 month review of the impacts of the 2018 Package Travel and Linked Travel Regulation 2018 (PTR 2018) which can in to force across the UK on 1 July 2018.

Since the introduction there have been a number of concerns expressed by British Destination members and their local partners regarding the unnecessary complexity of  some areas of the UK’s interpretation of the EU wide regulation, potentially overly zealous application of certain protections and an apparently alarming lack of  knowledge of what the  regulations actual now cover among the industry , consumers and in some case even the enforcement agencies.  There is therefore a concern that the unintended impacts of PTR 2018 may  not begin to bite until well after the two promised reviews periods have closed and the opportunity to  sensibly amend the application of the regulation has passed .  The first review closed for comment on 8 March 2019:

2019 PTR 2018 – Letter – 6 months review_

The consolidated Tourism Alliance response to which we contributed and have since endorsed can be found at:

2019 Package Travel Regulation review TA response