Tackling the plastic problem – Using the tax system or charges to address single-use plastic waste, closed 18 May 2018.

Given the range and scale of usage of single use plastics within the visitor economy and complexity and importance of  effective waste management in maintaining the quality of place, destination managers as well the public authorities responsible for much of the waste stream and waste management more generally may have some interest in this HM Treasury consultation which opened in March and closes on 18 May 2018.  Of note, both deposit schemes for drink containers (its introduction) and options to tackle disposable coffee/drink cups are to be the subject of separate consultations and are therefore outside the scope of this consultation.

“This call for evidence explores how changes to the tax system or charges
could be used to reduce the amount of single-use plastics we waste in order
to deliver better environmental outcomes, which would be the primary
objective of any such intervention. Specifically, the government would like to
understand how further economic incentives can be effective in continuing to
reduce waste from single-use plastics by reducing unnecessary production,
increasing reuse, and improving recycling”.  The consultation document can be accessed at: HM Treasury Call for evidence using tax system to tackle plastics waste