VisitEngland Destination Healthcheck Toolkit – informal consultation

As you may be aware VisitEngland (VE) are in the process of preparing  a Destination Healthcheck toolkit to provide destinations with an overview of the sort of information that could be collected to help measure, monitor and understand performance across a range of different activities.

The main text is currently being prepared but some material has been added to the VE website for people to review and comment on (here). This includes a copy of the presentation made by Jason Freezer at the Destination Intelligence Forum  held in October 2014 to provide some context ( direct access here), a copy of the suggested indicators (here) and a copy of the proposed resources and definitions section (here). The material has been released by VE with a ‘health warning’ that the information provided is only part of the whole and that the linking text yet to be added will be important in setting the context and explaining practical usage etc.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could have a look at the information and provide us with some feedback by the end of the first week in January. If you would prefer to send your comments directly to VE that’s fine  but please send me a copy (address kink below). Although it’s a VE initiative intended for use in England it will when complete have much wider utility and there is absolutely no reason why the practical experience and knowledge of colleagues from destinations outside England shouldn’t be used to inform the development of the toolkit.  All views are welcome.

We have already made some initial comments to VE about their proposals based on our experience of running the British Destinations destination intelligence service and annual survey for a number of years and these include:

  • the large number of indicators identified which could act as a deterrent to potential users – we know, from you, that you would prefer to have less indicators rather than more
  • The lack of a clear core indicators ie what are the key bits of information needed to achieve a reasonable understanding of destination performance
  • the lack of consistency with indicator systems already being used ie ETIS which forms the basis of our destination intelligence survey
  • the absence of a destination overview eg a destination profile to capture the key information about a destination
  • the imprecise wording of some of the indicators
  • the need for supporting information to ensure consistency of data capture and interpretation to allow people to benchmark effectively if they want to. (the ETIS online toolkit has a clear explanation of each indicator)

It would also be appreciated if you could let me know if you agree with the comments we have made .

If you need anything further do let me know.

Best regards


Peter Lane

Chairman British Destinations Executive


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    […] VisitEngland Destination Healthcheck Toolkit – informal consultation […]

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