Keep up to dated with us

To  “Keep up to date with British Destinations” and receive email alerts just “follow the blog” in the right-hand column opposite>>>>>>

Insert your email address and click submit. The website will send you an email immediately which you must respond to in order to activate your account. The blog is simply an email system designed to notify you of any updates, so sign up now.

If the acknowledgement email does not appear almost immediately check your junk mail box. If it has gone to junk mail please ensure you approve it and unblock the sender so future emails get to you.

If it isn’t there, then speak to your IT department so they can remove any blocks and/or try again.  The system is well-tried and tested; it works, works well and quickly, the  majority of failures are generated at the user end by filters and email restrictions.

If you can’t get the system to work tell us so we can work out why and help you to fix the problem.


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