Governance, events & activities


Alan Cavill – Deputy Chair of the Executive, President – Gordon Marsden MP, Peter Lane – Chair of the Executive,

Iris Johnston – Chairman British Destinations, Graham Cain – immediate past Chairman British Destinations and CEO – Peter Hampson

President and Vice-Presidents (updated July 2017:

President and Vice Presidents 2015-2017

Members of the Board to March 2017:

British Destinations Board Members (2)

Members of the Executive to March 2017:

British Destinations Executive Members

Membership of British Destinations:


Our recent activities – where, when and at what we have represented our member’s interest:

Annual snapshot 2016/17: BRITISH DESTINATIONS ACTIVITIES 2016 – 2017

and representation from April 2015 to date: Activity-Indicator-April-2015-November-2018


Fellows of the Association

Constitution and Rules (due for revision):


Board member representatives and other contacts proforma (to be completed and submitted by members):


Privacy Policy:

British Destinations Privacy Policy



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    […] Governance, events and activities […]

    […] Governance, events & activities […]

    […] Governance, events & activities […]

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