British Destinations Activities to March 2018

April 2017 to date:

PH = Peter Hampson, PL = Peter Lane (Executive Chair) AC = Alan Cavill (Executive Vice Chair) GC = Cllr Graham Cain (Chairman British Destinations to 5 Oct) IJ = Cllr Iris Johnston (Deputy Chair British Destinations to Oct 15 now Chairman) David Jeffels (Deputy Chair from 5 Oct 15 to 20 June 16) GM = Gordon Marsden MP (President)

April 2018

4th            VB British Tourism Advisory Group Meeting (PH)

Discussion with Drew Stokes Director VisitEngland re DEF (PH)

10th         Board meeting Visit Southport (PH)

13th           NW Turning Tides meeting (PH)

Meeting with Prof Steve Fothergill research developments (PH)

March  2018

1st               Conference planning meeting with Tourism Society and Tourism Alliance (PH)

8th           Tourism Alliance Board Meeting (PH)

16th          Conference planning final teleconference (PH)

19th          Joint Tourism Week Conference London (GM, PH and members)

Tourism Industry Parliamentary Reception (GM, PH VPs and members)

20th         Liverpool LEP Visitor Economy Board meeting (PH)

27th           International market research initial finding Mangrove Consulting (PH)

February 2018

23th          Southport Tourism Business Network Board Meeting (PH)

January 2018

8th           International market research scoping day Mangrove Consulting (PH)

12th          Turning Tides meeting (PH)

15th          Blackpool strategy day (PH)

16th          International market research planning day Mangrove Consulting (PH)

23rd          Coastal Communities Alliance Meeting (Various members))

December 2017

6th           Meeting and conference call Norther Coastal Resorts DEF bid (PH)

12th          Meeting and conference call Mangrove consulting (PH)

13th          Tourism Alliance meeting Migration Advisory Committee representatives (PH)

Tourism Alliance Board Meeting (PH)

Joint tourism conference planning meeting (PH)

Meeting with Gordon Marsden (PH GM)

November 2017

6th           Meeting and conference call Norther Coastal Resorts DEF bid (PH)

8th           Turning Tides Board meeting Blackpool (PH)

12th           Meeting and conference call Mangrove consulting (PH)

Visit Southport Board meeting (PH)

Meeting with Quality in Tourism re new accommodation awards (PH)

13th         VB/VE English Destinations Management Forum meeting London (PH)

October 2017

5th          Conference call National Coastal Tourism Academy re availability of              international research (PH)

10th        VB Annual Review (PH)

VB British Tourism Industry Group meeting (PH)

20th – 21st Lobbying letter to MPs and PM re EU Package Travel Directive. (PH)

31st        Tourism Management Institute Conference Manchester (PH)

September 2017

4th          Meeting with CEO and Chief Economist Joseph Rowntree Foundation (PH)

5th          Home Office Landing Card Consultation response (PH)

12th        TMI National Council meeting (PH)

13th         Tourism Alliance Board Meeting (PH)

14th         Follow up letter to Chair EFRA Select Committee (PH)

25th         VB/VE Destination Forum Coastal Group meeting (PH)

BEIS Package Travel Directive Update consultation response (PH)

26th         VB/VE Statistic Group meeting (PL)

August 2017

8th           Letter to Chair EFRA Select Committee re rural tourism inquiry (PH)

9th           Meeting with Cllr David Jeffels Scarborough (PH)

18th         Industry Sector Deal North West VB/VE workshop (PH)

Discussions with core Cities and Liverpool LEP representatives (PH)

July 2017

18th          VB/VE Destination Forum Coastal Group meeting (PH)

20th           Meeting with Denis Wormwell Chairman VisitEngland Advisory Board (PH)

22st           Hosting tourism and investment guests British Open Golf Championships (PH)

26th           Meeting Core Cities Group representative (PH)

Tourism Alliance AGM (PH)

Industry Sector Deal deregulation working group meeting (PH)

June  2017

16th           Industry Sector Deal connectivity working group meeting (PH)

30th           VE Discover England Fund bid teleconference (PH)

May 2017

2nd            VisitBritain British Tourism Advisory Group Meeting (PH)

VE Destination Management Forum discussions (PH)

10th           VB/VE and DCMS Industrial Strategy planning meeting (PH)

VE Statistic Group meeting (PL)

18th            Liverpool City Region Tourism Awards Guest of LEP (PH)

19th          Tourism Management Institute Hot Topic seminar Sheffield (PH)

25th            Tourism Alliance Board meeting (PH)

Destination management discussions – DMO trade partner organisations (PH)

April 2017

5th              Turning Tides Board meeting Blackpool (PH)

21st             Defra Great British Coastal Conference Hull (PH)

Coastal Community Fund lobbying activities during and after conference (PH)