Visit Cornwall Board of Directors Refreshment closing 23 Oct 22

Board of Directors Refreshment

Visit Cornwall Community Interest Company is governed by a Board of Directors with the variety of skills and experiences needed to support the team and represent our members and the wider sector.  Visit Cornwall CIC is looking to recruit and appoint up to four new non-executive directors to replace those stepping down and to broaden the knowledge and skills set of the board.  This is a voluntary role with the board meeting between 8 to 10 times per year for around two hours per meeting.

Role of the VC Board

The board sets out the organisational strategy, so that everyone is clear where Visit Cornwall CIC is going.

What does this involve?

The board has the overview of our “community purpose” and how our operations will help to achieve our outcomes. This involves using the board’s skills, experience, knowledge, and independence to oversee and direct operations and, where appropriate, with stakeholders.

The Board:

    •     sets the VC CIC strategy, budgets, polices, and procedures and agrees an appropriate plan for the ongoing development of the CIC to deliver the strategy

    •     regularly monitors business performance, including impact and performance of the business against budgets and targets

    •      evaluates the results, outcomes and impacts of the business

    •     ensures Visit Cornwall consults regularly with its stakeholders – the community, employees, members, suppliers, funders, partners, collaborators, and customers, with a view to involving them in the development of the strategy for Visit Cornwall CIC, where appropriate.

We are looking for applications from our members and others who have a passion for Cornwall and tourism, together with direct experience in operating within, or supporting, the visitor economy.

In addition, particular knowledge, and experience in: –

      *   marketing, PR

      *   web -digital- social media

      *   technological developments

      *   ecommerce

      *   product development

      *   communications

      *   strategy development

We will be looking to ensure a spread of expertise within sectors e.g., accommodation, attractions, activities, and the wider visitor economy, as well a geographical spread.

If you feel you are interested in applying to join the Board, please send a letter expressing your reasons for your interest and what you would bring to the Board and Visit Cornwall, along with a CV to<> and/or, if you wish to discuss the matter further please call or text Malcolm Bell on 07800649178.

Closing date for applications Sunday 23rd October 2023

Email Malcolm Bell<>