* www. britishdestinations .co.uk

1. The what.  As a free member benefit we provide a public facing promotional website, which continues to get  hundreds of individual visitors weekly, directing traffic to members’ own websites and generating thousands of free brochure requests, combined over the year for those members who opt to activate this additional facility.

The information which is maintained remotely by the individual member destination also automatically populates our national Facebook page www.facebook.com/UKHolidays .  The majority of members have opted to take part in this service and those that haven’t may opt to do so at any time.  The site isn’t sophistocated but is functional and free to you to use: http://www.britishdestinations.co.uk/ .

2. The how.  Occasionally, we will remind members to log into to the members section and:

  • check and tweak their main page entry (factual detail about the destination, done in a standard character limited format)
  • update the separate events database if you chose to us it (the public can then search the data base by date, location event type etc.)
  • if activated check the brochure fulfillment email address which is contained in the administration section is correct and functioning.

Please note changes must be saved manually by clicking the updating button at the bottom of the pages before you  leaving it.

3. Each of the members’ page are protected by a separate username and login This is not the same as the log in for Britishdestinations.net.  There is a recovery service included on the login page but that will  send the detail only to the email address nominated in the administrative section and not every member has updated detail over the last 10 plus years.  If it fails or if in doubt request user name and login from us  here.

4. The now. To log in and update your page detail go to:  http://www.britishdestinations.co.uk/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fmembers%2fDefault.aspx


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