Charging policy for events on Council owned property

Do colleagues have position statements/or and charging policies for the recovery of  lost parking fee revenue from Council owned car parks arising from their usage to stage  community and/or professionally organised events; whether that is staging the event itself, accommodating supporting infrastructure for events held nearby or for its use as a dedicated parking for event vehicles or for the public attending the events specifically were parking payments doesn’t then go to the Council in the normal fashion?

Colleagues would also be interested to know whether you have considered and implemented such a scheme/policies, are considering and will implement or whether you have considered and rejected the idea?  Examples of policy documents would be welcomed, as would any thoughts or general comments on charging for event usage of Council car parks, or indeed other Council land that might have some relevant to the development of policies for use within Swale and its sub destination towns.

Please send comments directly to:

Lyn Newton | ECS Manager| Swale Borough Council

Email:  or call 01795417420

As usual any substantive lessons learnt will be made available to other members on request.