Hotel Demand Studies

Colleagues in Swansea are seeing significant interest in private sector investment with a focus on tourism, hospitality and leisure. Their previous hotel demand study, a key tool in manage some of theses enquires, is now in need of a refresh or renewal. Unfortunately the most obvious candidate to do this, their original consultants, are no longer trading.

Steve Hopkins the Tourism and Marketing Officer, would appreciate it if colleague who have had a recent hotel demand report or similar produced would let him have the contact detail for the company used, and preferably, if it is in the public domain, links to or copies of the material produced for you. If you haven’t had a report done or done recently (the last few years) but have knowledge of a recommended supplier, then that would also be useful to know.

There is a degree of urgency to this, so the relevant detail or a simple “no, afraid not” would be appreciated by Monday 25th July, or as soon thereafter as possible.

Details direct to:, or if you have detail that is better discussed person to person please call him on: 01792 635213.