Land train operations and operators

Gosport are looking for advice around land train operators  and any tips  and advice on what to look out for when introducing such services.  We have previously sought advice on land trains but this was principally around procurement with the potential benefits replacing an existing commercial provider with an in house operation. Details gleaned in that trawl will be passed on.  The following request which covers a different set of perimeters has been received, please consider assisting John if you are able to.

Request reads:

I am looking to find a company that would operate a land/’dotto’ mini train along our Gosport waterfront. As a Council, we are not looking to subsidize or operate this ourselves, but are looking for a company to operate it as a commercial business.

I would be glad to hear from anyone who knows of a reliable operator that we can approach, and if anyone has any experience of having these mini land trains in their destinations, what are the issues/difficulties we need to look out for?



Tourism Officer – Gosport Borough Council   Tel. 023 9254 5603