Land train usage

Colleagues are examining the options to expand current land train usage from a limited off road service to a wider destination service, necessitating the use of some public highways.  Internal discussions are at an early stage and examples of usage in other destinations are sought in order to aid the development of practical local proposals here in Southport.

If you or local contractors have experience of providing road, land or “Dotto” train services can you or colleagues please let Mark Catherall have as much information as possible on the nature of the service, how it is provided, where, when at what cost or profit to whom, using what trains, provided by which companies, any issues experienced, the strength and weaknesses of your arrangements; or in short just about anything you would like to have known if you were now considering setting up such a service. Any contract documents or other associated supporting  papers would also be welcomed, as would any information pointing to success provision elsewhere in the UK that you happen to be aware of.

Mark is happy to take information with or without confidentiality caveats attached, either by email or in conversation on the telephone.  Mark can be contacted at: or on 01519352315.