CCF 2017/18 -2020/21 update

Updated 23 July 2016.

Further detail of the new rounds of Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) for 2017/18 to 2020/21 together with the Annual Report for the latest round were published in March 2016.  The report is a UK summary of CCF third round activities in 2015 (2014/15 funding).

The outline for the 4 future rounds from 2017/18 onward is directed towards an English audience and therefore may or may not be entirely applicable to all other Home Nations and, especially to Scotland, where they are due get direct control of all their own Crown Estates funds (the funding source for CCF) before the end of the current UK Parliament.

Subsequently the details of the English round 4 bids were published on 23 May with a deadline for expressions of interest of 30 June.  Details of the application processes for the other Home Nations were published on 4 July with a closing date of 17 August in Scotland and Northern Ireland and 29 September in Wales.  The 4 years of funding has been consolidated into two single biennial spending rounds (17/18-18/19 and 19/20 -20/21) with biding taking place in 2016 and 2017 (although logically the second round should have been 2018?), with the potential for a smaller mopping up round in year four (20/21).  All the application detail have or will appear on the following Big Lottery webpage:

The UK Parliament Minister’s covering letter can be found accessed at: Covering letter CCF Annual Progress Report and the report itself at: (2016) Coastal Communities UK Annual Report 2015