Coastal Community Teams

In addition to the 116 Coastal Communities Teams discussed in the original briefing note below the Department For Communities and Local Government (DCLG) announced 0n 30 June 2016 that they have funding for a further 20 teams in England.  Applications closed on 30 September 2016.  In January 2017, detail of 28 new teams each receiving £10k were announced:

A total of 116 (now 144) teams have been either created or existing arrangements supported in England by this initiative.  The teams have been invited to bid against the £3m Coastal Revival Fund, principally but not exclusively for regeneration planning and feasibility study projects.  The Coastal Communities Alliance of which British Destinations is a founding member has been funded to help coordinate the activities of the Coastal Communities Teams and to share best practice between them.  There principal tool is the website:

Announced on 27 February and launched on 20 March 2015 funding has been made available to create an initial 110 Coastal Communities Team in England, each receiving £10k to help pump prime their activities.  The funding is in addition to and from a different souse than that of Coastal Communities Fund.

The criteria were left deliberately loose in order to allow the maximum local initiative so, for example, the team may be entirely new groupings or the funding might equally be used to allow existing partnerships to do more.  Critically the proposal and, thus, by default the team must have the support of the local authority to make an application.  Initially applications could be made for up to two teams per authority  (Borough/District/Unitary/Metropolitan) area, although subsequently some leeway was given for larger coastal authority areas.

A full list of the Coastal Communities Teams can be accessed here  and the original prospectus can be found at: 2015 DCLG Coastal community teams prospectus


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    […] And just in case it is of interest, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) announced on 30 June that they were making funding available for a further 20 Coastal Communities Teams in England to join the 116 already funded in 2015 to the tune of a one-off £10k grant. The grants are designed to help form or support existing local partnerships and enable them to them formulate economic development plans and/or advance initial priorities. Applications from areas without an existing CCT are sought and the closing date for applications is 30 September 2016. There can be more than one CCT in any one coastal local authority area but no more than one CCT responsible for any one defined coastal area.  For more detail see:   […]

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