2022 Tourism Alliance Tourism and the UK’s Economic Recovery (2023 and beyond).

This short documents lays out the Tourism Alliance’s (England) 10 point proposal for recovery in 2023. These are:

1. Introduce a Youth Group Travel Scheme for EU Student Groups
2. Increase Funding for International Marketing
3. Introduce a Low-Cost Five Year Visitor Visa
4. Reinstate the VAT Reclaim Scheme
5. Revise the Package Travel Regulations
6. Fully Implement the De Bois Review
7. Expand and Reform the Youth Mobility Scheme
8. Reduce the VAT Rate For Hospitality and Attractions
9. Use ETAs to Boost Business Tourism
10. Reform Business Rates

These 10 points represent those issues that the bulk of the tourism industry can easily agree, are broadly shared priorities. Individual sectors, interest groups and trade associations may accord marginal more or less priority to certain asks within the list and most will of course maintain their own priorities and lobbying request that have not necessarily made it onto it. Although framed in the context of proposals for 2023, we are of course rapidly approach a general election in 2024.

These proposal will hopefully help inform any tourism component (often sadly quite small) within Party manifestos which are already being developed and refined. British Destinations will continue to support the broad thrust of the Tourism Alliance’s proposals, as well as continuing to raise a number of more general destination, destination regeneration and destination management specific issues with colleagues in the wider industry, with Government and of course with the main opposition parties.

The full 12 page report can be viewed or downloaded below: