MAC Points Based System & Salary Threshold report 2020

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) were commissioned in late June 2019 to report and  make recommendations on a future Points Based System (PBS) and any associated salary thresholds.

The report was released in late January 2020 and at some 271 pages is detailed.  The executive summary can be found at pages 5 to 11 and a summary of recommendations from 260 to 271.  The report does not directly address the major concern in some parts of the tourism industry regarding maintenance of access to migrant workers to fill lower skilled, lower paid service sector vacancies. It recommends that if government is concerned about such vacancies (across various sectors) then these could be address by additional measures outside a PBS.

In the interim the politic dynamics have changed and some of the key recommendation may now not sit as well with the more recently stated aims and ambitions of the newly elected administration.  It is now for Government to implement a new system informed but not necessarily directed by the MAC  report, as they see fit.

2020 PBS and Salary Thresholds Report MAC