Post CSR direction for destination based tourism

A number of British Destination members are currently wrestling with the planning and budget processes for next year and beyond without necessarily having any clear direction as to what the wider tourism and visitor economy support network might look like post the forthcoming Comprehensive Spending Review.  In order to assist those that might need some independent opinion, if not evidence, I have created a short open letter to the membership setting out what I have gleaned on your behalf in recent months. It isn’t fact and it may well prove to be wrong but in general our insights tend to be nearer the mark than many other people’s best guesses.   If its helpful, use it as you see fit, if it not then just ignore it.

If any member organisation does need a more tailored version producing, for example one directed more toward Councillor for public sector members or more towards local business for private or public/private sector partnership based members then please ask, setting out the local circumstance that need to addressed.  I am also willing, within reason, to come and speak to member organisations and their partnerships if feel it may help tip the balance in your favour. The letter can be accessed at:

The future direction of destination based tourism and visitor economy support