Review of Destination Organisations in England

On 20 July 22 DCMS published the its long awaited response to the findings of the independent review of destinations organisations that was originally England 14 Sep 21. The response accepts some but not all the recommendation and allocates up to £4m against the original request for £51m over three years. The up to £4m will be used by VE to fund and implement an accreditation scheme for to small cohort of top tier of DMOs to be known as Local Visitor Economy Partnerships (LVEP) and to fund one pilot of “regional” LVEP in England during what remains of the current 3 year, 2022/25 funding period. The response does make it clear whether the recommendation for a hub and second tier accredited spoke DMOs/LVEP approach has been accepted or whether accreditation and the direct engagement with VB/VE and Government department that infers will be the sole preserve of the top tier LVEPs. The response and for reference the report can be accessed below: