Tourism the Sharing Economy and its wider implications

This page contains a number of articles and links to materials which discuss some of the direct and indirect impacts and implication of the rapidly emerging home sharing/sharing economy within tourism.  Its content may be particularly useful to those wresting with the issues locally and/or for those wishing to submit evidence to the forthcoming Tourism and Leisure APPG inquiry which closed for written evidence on 25 November 2016.

The articles:

HOTREC which represents the hotel, restaurant and café industry at European level issued a press release in October 2016. Usefully this highlights the fact that New York has recently enacted legislative control on home sharing.  The import thrust of the article is that in HOPTREC’s view AirBnB, the international brand leader in this market may, by implication, have acknowledge that it would be willing and able, if necessary, to impose self-regulatory measures along the lines being imposed by New York and also proposed by HOTREC in 2015; something it has allegedly been reluctant to acknowledge, let alone offer to enact, before now:


HOPTREC’s 10 point proposals of November 2015 are possibly rather too sweeping for  a free market, post BREXIT Britain?  Nonetheless they do act a useful aide memoire to the key heading for areas of wider concern and contain many pointers to the kind of voluntary industry and/or legislative based control that may be required to tackle some of the emerging, unforeseen,  abuses in what is still a totally unregulated market within the UK:


A selection of previous published article of possible background interest include:

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