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Here is a sample of recent and older related articles on tourism levies:

The Guardian 8 Feb 2017, “As Bath, Edinburgh and London consider a tourist tax, we talk to independent accommodation ventures about the idea”:

Hotel Scotland 19 July 2017, “The debate around whether or not a tourist tax, also known as a ‘bed levy’, should be introduced here has been ongoing for more than a decade, mainly in Edinburgh but more recently in Aberdeen and the Highlands – and it shows no sign of going away”:

Love updated 8 June 2017, “Tourist tax in Europe: what you will pay in Spain, Italy and other hotspots”:

The telegraph  10 Jan 2017, “Bath could become the first UK city to impose a tourist tax on overnight visitors. Charles Gerrish, a Conservative councillor, told BBC Radio Bristol that the local authority is considering the introduction of a “tourist bed tax”, to be paid by all those staying in a hotel or b&b, to help offset the £37m of cuts it is facing over the next five years”:

Birmingham Post 28 Oct 2011 – updated May 2013, ” A tourism bed tax could be introduced in Birmingham to help fund a huge investment programme in the city’s cultural sector”:

BBC News 25 May 2011, ” Hotels in Bristol could be asked to pay a levy that would raise up to £3m to be spent improving tourism. The charge would be introduced under Business Improvement District rules, usually used to improve small retail spaces”: