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Here is a sample of recent and older related articles on tourism levies:

The Times 18 April 2018. The Lake District pound which will be launched on 1 May aims to raise funds for two Lake District charities when tourist take them home as mementos of their holiday.  This is one of a number of voluntary approaches to raising funds from visitors:

Welsh Government note 7 March 2018. Colleagues from from the Welsh Treasury provide a helpful note on four proposed,  potential new areas for taxation, including tourism within Wales.  The note indicates that, “……the Welsh Government will explore ways in which local authorities could be given permissive powers to develop and implement a local tourism tax.  There are significant policy issues which require further exploration and consideration before any local permissive powers could be introduced, including, but not limited to, the overall level of taxation on the tourism sector – in particular VAT. This will consequently be a longer term, deliberative piece of work to be carried out over the coming years, and in collaboration with local government, the industry and other interested parties”.  See the full note with links to the Welsh Government’s developing new taxes page and 2 associated BBC articles at:

BBC Regional News  27 Feb 2018.  Liverpool should seek to pilot a hotel bed tax to support culture and tourism in the city, a report has recommended. Liverpool City Region metro mayor Steve Rotheram put Liverpool forward a a test bed for a tourism levy as part of the City Deal process:

The Herald 1 Feb 2018 .  Edinburgh host a major conference that debates major issue including over tourism and the City Council’s plans for a potential tourism levy: Edinburgh in over-tourism warning as visitor levy looms

The Guardian 20 Dec 2017. Birmingham are proposing to introduce a hotel tax in order to support of the delivery of the Common Wealth Games in 2022:

Notes  from Jan 2017 on London and other levy proposals can be accessed at:

The Guardian 8 Feb 2017, “As Bath, Edinburgh and London consider a tourist tax, we talk to independent accommodation ventures about the idea”:

Hotel Scotland 19 July 2017, “The debate around whether or not a tourist tax, also known as a ‘bed levy’, should be introduced here has been ongoing for more than a decade, mainly in Edinburgh but more recently in Aberdeen and the Highlands – and it shows no sign of going away”:

Love updated 8 June 2017, “Tourist tax in Europe: what you will pay in Spain, Italy and other hotspots”:

The telegraph  10 Jan 2017, “Bath could become the first UK city to impose a tourist tax on overnight visitors. Charles Gerrish, a Conservative councillor, told BBC Radio Bristol that the local authority is considering the introduction of a “tourist bed tax”, to be paid by all those staying in a hotel or b&b, to help offset the £37m of cuts it is facing over the next five years”:

The Guardian 25 Aug 2016 discusses the  widely adopted practice of adding a local taxes which are not generally included in package deals in an article entitled: Taxing tourists: beware the extra charges that can make your hotel more costly. The article points out that City tax imposed on hotel stays in Europe, including in Paris, Berlin and Rome, could potentially add up to £6 per person per night to your bill:

Birmingham Post 28 Oct 2011 – updated May 2013, ” A tourism bed tax could be introduced in Birmingham to help fund a huge investment programme in the city’s cultural sector”:

BBC News 25 May 2011, ” Hotels in Bristol could be asked to pay a levy that would raise up to £3m to be spent improving tourism. The charge would be introduced under Business Improvement District rules, usually used to improve small retail spaces”: