Sharing Economy and OTAs

The tourism sharing economy and its wider implications.  This page contains a number of articles and links to materials which discuss some of the direct and indirect impacts and implication of the rapidly emerging home sharing/sharing economy within tourism.  Its content may be particularly useful to those destinations now wresting with the issues locally.

We submitted evidence to Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality industry APPG inquiry during 2016.  After a delay caused by the  2017 General Election the inquiry reconvened to take oral evidence in February 2018. An interim report was then published in March 2018:  2018 APPG for Tourism- sharing economy interim report followed by a final report in July 2018: 2018 APPG for Tourism- Sharing Economy Report (Final)

House of Commons library briefing  document, The growth of short-term lettings (England) give a useful summary of the position as at Sep 18:

The Corporate Europe Observatory, a research and campaign group working to expose and challenge the disproportionate influence that corporations and their lobbyists exert over EU policy-making also released a report in 2018.  Although obviously biased towards their own prospective it makes interesting reading: 2018 unfairbnb

Recent and relevant older articles:

5 September 2019: Are Airbnb investors destroying Europe’s cultural capitals?

4 September 2019:   Portland (Oregon) Reaches Rental Data Sharing Agreement With Airbnb

2 September 2019:  Airbnb ‘superhost’ barred over rules breach

2 September 2019:  Single mum puts backseat of car on AirBnB for £8 a night

31 August 2019:   Airbnb party houses stir up trouble for elegant Bath

31 August 2019: Getting AIRBNB Change  of use planning  permission– an extensive guide August 2019 update

15 August 2019:  Skye housing association tenants warned over tourist sub-letting

6 Aug 2019:  Safety fears over unregulated Edinburgh lets

4 Aug 2019 – Investigation: how Airbnb has been hijacked by agencies making a huge profit

29 Jul 2019 –  Airbnb host who sub-let council flat to repay £100,000 

24 Jul 19 – Why Is Airbnb Still Missing the Mark With Corporate Event Planners?

20 July 2019:  Top Cities Where Airbnb Is Legal or Illegal

2 Jul 2019 –  European Cities Fear They’ll Lose Power to Regulate Airbnb

25 June 2019:  Airbnb vs. Hotels: What’s the Difference?

24 May 19 – ‘Only one room left’: Why hotel booking sites can’t be trusted

20 May 19 – Airbnb users getting scammed with fake rentals, account closures

20 May 19 – This Tourism Company Trying To Save Venice From Tourists

16 May 19 – TripAdvisor Modified Its Approach to Reviews and Sexual Assault. Did It Go Far Enough?

5 May 19 –   How Airbnb took over the world

26 Apr 19 – Thousands of ‘fake’ reviews removed from Amazon: it’s not enough

25 Apr 19 – What the Airbnb surge means for UK cities

26 Mar 2019 –  Airbnb Has a Hidden-Camera Problem

13 Mar 2019 –  Airbnb Loses Major Fight Over California City’s Rental Law

12 Mar 19 – Association seeks ban on OTA ‘brandjacking’

23 Feb 2019 –  Inside the Rise and Fall of a Multimillion-Dollar Airbnb Scheme

11 Feb 2019 – Airbnb development: moving towards end-to-end travel platform

10 Feb 2019 –  Paris seeks $14 million from Airbnb for illegal adverts

6 Feb 2019 – UK Agency Addresses Misleading OTA Sales Tactics

18 January 2019:  Exposed: Airbnb lobbying to stop laws on lets

10 Dec 2018 – Many of Berlin’s Airbnb hosts face fines

3 Dec 2018 – Mike Ashley calls for 20% tax on online sales

29 Oct 2018 – Tech giants face digital services tax

12 Sep 2018  TripAdvisor clamps down on fake reviews as it’s revealed some companies PAY for ratings

30 Aug 2018 – What Airbnb really does to a neighbourhood

17 Aug 2018 -(Irish)  Housing Minister plans clampdown on short-term lets amid housing and rental crisis

16 Aug 2018 – Worlds first Airbnb sanction scheme aims to expose rogue landlords

14 Aug 2018 – Row sparked over Airbnb rentals during Edinburgh Fringe Festival as thousands of visitors descend on capital city

9 Aug 2018 – Airbnb hits back at ‘shameless’ Bristol hotel boss for ‘smear’ (see 29 June article)

7 Aug 2018 – NY mayor signs into law new crackdown on Airbnb

18 Jul 2018  – New law forces Airbnb to open its books to New York authorities

14 Jul 2018 – AirBnB lets may be unsafe, MPs warn

14 Jul 2018 – Council backs calls for Airbnb crackdown and controls on other short term house lets in Bath

29 Jun 2018 – Bristol hoteliers take on ‘dangerous’ AirBnB 

26 Jun 2018 – Plan to book an Airbnb? It might be illegal… we reveal the surprisingly strict rules in six popular destinations, including New York, Spain and Turkey

15 Jun 2018 – Tourism pollution’: Japanese crackdown costs Airbnb $10m

8 Jun 2018 – How the world is going to war with Airbnb

6 Jun 2018 – Airbnb culls Japan listings ahead of new rental law

31 May 2018 – Landlords will be hit with crackdown to limit Airbnb rentals -Irish News

21 May 2018 – Airbnb sail into a storm in New York

18 May 2018 – Airbnb to report homeowners’ income to Danish tax authorities

9 May 2018 – Adios Airbnb: Valencia bans rentals

27 Apr 2018 – What does the ban on Airbnb-style rentals in Palma mean for the Balearics?

15 Apr 2018 – Growth in short-term-let market raises fire concerns

19 Mar 2018 – 2018 APPG for Tourism- sharing economy interim report

14 MAr 18 – HMRC takes aim at eBay and Airbnb – but how much tax do you have to pay on sales? 

19 Jan 2018 – Airbnb cuts half of San Francisco listings as new laws kick in

9 Nov 2017    The world’s most prolific Airbnb owner has 881 properties in London and earns £11.9m a year

5 Sep 2017 –  Can buy-to-let investors get more by Airbnbing their properties?

13 Aug 2017 – Half of landlords in one London borough fail to declare rental income (an HMO issue but indicative of taxation issues?)

9 August-2017- Spain’s Balearic Islands to fine illegal tourist rentals

27 Apr-2017 – Stop moaning about Airbnb, tourism chief tells hotels

5-Jan-2017 – Airbnb threat to hotels double what was forecast last year

25 Nov 2016 – British Destination APPG inquiry sharing economy narrative comment

14 Nov 2016 – Morgan Stanley: Airbnb’s Threat to Hotels Is Only Getting Sharper

3 Nov 2016 – Sadiq Khan warns crackdown on Airbnb rentals in London

27 October 2016 – Major home-sharing platform finally acknowledges the registration of

activity as the step forward to enforce housing rules

and sharing-economy-hotrec-policy-chart-2015

7 June 2016 – The Airbnb pitfalls that could end up costing you thousands

25 Feb 2016 – Four ways hotels can better compete against Airbnb

13 Jan 2016 – BHA boss slams ‘dangerous’ Airbnb

7 Mar 2016 – The Impact of AirBnb on Hotel and Hospitality Industry

11 Nov 2015 – Premier Inn boss slams ‘unregulated’ Airbnb

05 Jan 2015 – Hotel industry predictions for 2015

20-Oct-2014 – Government urged to protect short-term accommodation customers

15-Sep-2014 – PwC predicts further hotel growth in 2015

15-May-2014 – Concerns grow over Airbnb ‘threat’

17-Jan-2014 – Airbnb does not pose major threat to hotels, say experts