Amendment to Package Travel Regulation campaign update

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I wrote last week asking you and/or local partnerships or leading businesses to write to MPs in support of the Tourism Alliances campaign which is seeking amendment to the new EU Package Travel Regulation that is currently being drafted for adoption in to UK law by next July.  The amendment if included in the Regulation to be completed by 1 January, would then automatically serve to allow small scale, local added-value packaging of accommodation and tourism services only, post Brexit.

I am aware that some of you, who support the aims of the campaign might not be in a position to write to your own MP(s) on the issue, or may struggle to get others locally to do so in the limited time-frame available.  If that is the case then please let me know and I can then write to your MP(s) for you outlining the opportunity from British Destinations viewpoint.

Meanwhile, I have already written regarding the proposed amendment to our President Gordon Marsden MP and  10 of our Vice Presidents: Sir Henry Bellingham MP, Robert Goodwill MP, Lord Inglewood, Norman Lamb MP, Paul Maynard MP, Madeleine Moon MP, John Penrose MP, Lord Tyler and Martin Vickers MP and to the new MP for our headquarters destination, Damien Moore MP.

The original campaign request for those who missed it can be accessed at:


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