Free 2017 Destination Intelligence Survey for all members

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The free to British Destination members, 2017 Destinations Intelligence Survey will be conducted over the coming 6 to 8 weeks.   Sergi Jarques of Destination Research Ltd, will now contact each member destination, using last year’s survey contact details.  As some of these may have changed it would be extremely helpful if those of you on the wider contact list were now to dropped Sergi an email to confirm the detail of the best person, or persons in your organisation to receive the survey.  New destination members joining us before the end of January 2018 can also participate.

The information he sends will consist of the survey, plus the detail of last year’s entries, so that you can focus on amending what has changed.  Sergi will be on hand to assist anyone who is unfamiliar with the process or is struggling with any particular aspect.  If information isn’t forthcoming from your destination by the closing date and after suitable prompting, Sergi will then complete and publish the data in those sections where there is national source information available on your destination or where your historic local data remains relevant.

In addition, colleagues at GTS (UK) can, on request, provide the relevant STEAM data formatted to cut and paste directly into the British Destination survey.  This is free service provided to their clients in support of our joint efforts to further the use of tourism data as a destination management tool.  To utilise this generous offer, STEAM users should contact Cathy James.

Lest you have forgotten, the survey detail is used in the closing months of the financial year to provide: an individual report for each destination (anonymised example), a group report for all destinations (anonymised example) and your own interactive data dashboard that allows you to compare and contrast performance across the various measures, with all other participating destinations (protected live dashboard).  The recent addition of the dashboard has been praised by a number of members as an exceptionally useful innovation.  All of the live detail, plus the historic data going back over a decade is available to members on the password protected destination intelligence website at: .

If you have forgotten the separate password for the destination intelligence site, or have any general questions about the destination intelligence service then email me.  If you have any technical questions on destination intelligence or the survey then email Sergi.

Please note that it isn’t too late to include new members within the 2017 survey, so if there are any non-member destination wishing to access the benefits of trend analysis and national benchmarking, as a free addition to all the many other membership benefit we offer, then please contact me immediately.


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