Covid-19 update AM 8 April 20

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Yesterday 7 April, DCMC announced a Destination Management Resilience Scheme for England, a repurposing of £1.3m  Discover England Fund monies,  to be administered by VB/VE.  The scheme is designed to support DMO who receive at least 50% of their revenue from commercial activities and will allow payment of up to two essential staff members who might otherwise have to be furloughed and a potential grant of up to £5k.  The scheme is likely to be oversubscribed so those who think they may be eligible are urged to seek further guidance ASAP:

Can I remind you we are urgently seeking updates from you on the impacts on your destination’s businesses, on your own organisations ability to manage the destination, resilience plans and emerging recovery planning.  With regard to the latter, it would be extremely helpful to understand what assumptions you are currently using (what they are based on/where have they come from) and critically what reasonable direction from the centre would now help you in that initial recovery planning.  That might seem like a blindingly obvious set of questions but in the apparent (?) absence of hard and fast direction to you, I am trying to assess what assumptions you had to make and therefore by inference the critical path and pointers you will need along it.


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