Sharing Economy APPG report update

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The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Tourism’s interim report on The Sharing Economy: Maximising Benefits while Reducing Adverse Outcomes, which was  previewed at our joint annual conference on 19th and published on 21st March, has now started to get some additional traction for the important issues it raises.

The latest interest comes from BBC 5 Live on 15 April and focus mainly on the concern that some properties let via sharing accommodation platforms do not meet the appropriate fire safety standards deemed essential for all other short let accommodation.  It is an excellent well-balanced piece that raises some very valid concerns.

I have added the article to the steadily grow list of national and international pieces already posted under our main menu “sharing economy” tab, within the web page dedicated to some of the core issues many of our members have. You can access that page here and find the article within it or go directly to the BBC article itself at:

The full APPG report, to include more developed recommended actions is being worked up for publication in the summer.  Meanwhile I am working with colleagues within the Tourism Alliance Board to ensure that the Alliance as a whole and key national trade organisations in membership of it, continue to take an informed view on the growing need for some form of effective action to ensure that accommodation offered on sharing platforms meets the appropriate regulatory standards that already apply to the rest of the accommodation industry.

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